Welcome to The Learning Center! As you walk through our gate, we hope you feel a sense of joy and excitement as playfulness and laughter surround you. This is the essence of TLC, a place, where children and childhood are treasured.

The Learning Center provides an intimate, welcoming, nurturing, peaceful, yet active environment for children, families and teachers. Our program is child centered and play based in nature and fosters young children’s emotional, social, cognitive and physical growth.

We believe every child is an individual with his/her own pace and unique ways of learning. We foster confidence and self esteem through close interpersonal connections. We believe that children are competent, curious learners, and that they feel free to explore and be creative, when they feel secure and have their needs met in supportive ways.

We encourage children to show kindness, courtesy, and empathy toward others as they grow in their potential as loving human beings. We support children as they seek out friendships and new play situations. We take time to facilitate problem solving with children by listening to their frustrations and questioning possible solutions.

At TLC, we focus on organic, authentic learning which uses the play opportunities that a child is involved in to raise questions, to conceptualize knowledge, and to explore new ideas. We see children as naturally motivated to learn and we provide an environment, both indoors and out, which is rich in experiences and opportunities.

We believe it is important to provide an environment that is safe and secure and allows children to test their abilities. We balance the need for the child to freely express him/herself with the need for clear boundaries and guidance.

The Learning Center is a nonprofit corporation that began in 1977. It is governed by a Board of Directors, with a Director, who serves as the operational manager as well as an educational leader for the center. TLC also has an Educational Director, who supports educators, often within the classrooms, consulting, modeling, and leading Reflective Practices.

The program serves children between the ages of 6 months and kindergarten in four classrooms. Our Puddle Room and Bay Room are for our infants and toddlers and have a 1:3 or 1:4 teacher to child ratio. Our Ocean Room and River Room are for preschool age children and have a 1:7 teacher to child ratio. The Learning Center provides a healthy morning snack, hot lunch, and afternoon snack.

TLC educators are the Center's greatest resource. They are selected for their skills in working with children of specific age groups and their dedication to the well being of the children entrusted to them. The teachers at TLC are passionate early childhood education professionals, who are committed, creative, reflective, and informed. They collaborate with the Director, each other, with parents, and with the children to nurture the growth and development of the entire TLC community.

Family involvement has always been an important component of The Learning Center program. It is the connections we make as a community of educators, parents, and children that make us strong. There are many ways that parents can become Involved including social gatherings, classroom activities, job helpers, fundraising support,event organization, and Board of Directors participation. All efforts from the TLC community contribute to the ongoing enhancement of our program for the children.

The Learning Center values diversity and welcomes children without regard to sex, race, color, nationality, ethnic origin, parents’ sexual orientation, or religious affiliation.

Paula Evans-Fitch, Director